Air Quality Update 空气质量

Smoke from wildfires has triggered Special Air Quality Statements to be issued for poor air quality across much of Alberta.

Air quality is expected to be intermittently poor for the upcoming days. During a wildfire, smoke conditions can change quickly over short distances and can vary hour-by-hour.

It is important that we all take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and patients from the hazardous effects of smoke.

Individuals may experience symptoms such as increased cough, throat irritation, headache or shortness of breath. Children, seniors, and those with cardiovascular or lung disease, such as asthma and COPD, are especially at risk. They will generally experience more serious health effects at lower levels.

If you can taste and/or smell smoke in the air, or if the Air Quality Health Index is in the high risk (7-10) or very high risk (10+) range, the following precautions are recommended:

  • Monitor your symptoms.
  • Drink water & stay hydrated.
  • Minimize outdoor physical activity.
  • Remain indoors with windows, doors and air circulation fans/vents closed as long as the temperature remains comfortable.
  • While driving, keep windows and vents closed. Put your car fan on re-circulate mode to avoid drawing in outdoor air.
  • Find an indoor place in the community that’s cool and ventilated.
  • Using an air conditioner that cools and filters air or a portable air purifier with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter may help.

If you have health concerns, speak with your healthcare provider or you can call Health Link 24 hours a day, seven days a week, toll-free at 811, to speak to a registered nurse.





如果您可以尝到和/或闻到空气中的烟雾,或者空气质量健康指数在高风险 Air Quality Health Index(7-10)或极高风险(10+)范围内,建议采取以下预防措施:

  • 监测您的症状。
  • 喝水并保持水分。
  • 尽量减少户外体力活动。
  • 只要温度保持舒适,就留在室内,窗户、门和空气循环风扇/通风口关闭。
  • 开车时,保持窗户和通风口关闭。将汽车风扇置于再循环模式,以避免吸入室外空气。
  • 在社区里找一个凉爽通风的室内场所。
  • 使用冷却和过滤空气的空调或带有高效微粒空气 (HEPA) 过滤器的便携式空气净化器可能会有所帮助。

如果您有健康问题,请咨询您的医疗保健提供者,或者您可以每周 7 天、每天 24 小时拨打 健康联线Health Link 免费电话 811,与注册护士交谈。