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Nutrition – Classes

Alberta Health Services Nutrition services offers FREE online nutrition classes:

  • Mealtime Struggles to Mealtime Success: Join registered dietitians to learn how to make mealtime positive, introduce new foods, and deal with mealtime struggle.
  • Feeding Your Baby: registered dietitians will share information and answer your questions on starting solids and first foods, textures, finger foods, timing, amounts and more.
  • Healthy Eating for Pregnancy: registered dietitian will share information about nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, weight gain during pregnancy, multivitamin supplement, food safety, and meal & snack ideas.

    To register, please visit the birth and babies website or click here to register

Nutrition – Free Food in Alberta

Household food insecurity refers to the inadequate or insecure access to food because of financial constraints.  Food insecurity takes a serious toll on individuals’ health and wellbeing, and it places a significant burden on our health care system. You can find the link of free food in Alberta

Also, a map to look up resources to you based on your postal code/address: Calgary Community Food Map – Google My Maps

Alberta Health Services – General

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Website

Home | Alberta Health Services has comprehensive health information about people in all ages.

There is information about:

Finding healthcare – hospitals & facilities, programs & services, find a doctor and more.

Information for – patients & families, professionals, continuing care, COVID-19, indigenous health, influenza immunization, and more.

Health information – healthy living, medications, patient care handouts, and symptom checker

Please visit the website to search for a health topic in interest.

Alberta Health Services website has information about specific categories such as:

Addiction & Mental Health
Alberta Health Care
Care at Any Life Stage
Disease Management
End of Life Planning & Care
General Topics
Health Information / Records
Healthy Living
Nutrition & Food Services
Sexual Health, Pregnancy & Parenting

My Health Alberta Website

My Health Alberta Website is one place where all credible health information is for health of Albertans. It has the massive amount of topics and information about:

Symptom Checker
Health topics
Patient Care handouts
Tests & Treatments

as well as any health services and programs. Please visit the website to search for a health topic of interest.

Government Sources

Government of Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada)

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Government of Alberta (Health)

Ministry of health at Government of Alberta sets policy and direction to having healthy health system for all Albertans, and help protecting the health of Albertans.
On their website, you can find information such as:

– Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
– Accessing health care
– Health services and benefits
– Primary health care
– Continuing care in Alberta
– Access your health information
– Resources for health professionals and delivery

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