Health Sessions for Families with Children

8. Healthy Eating for Children (HEC)

An overview of mealtime struggles and positive feeding relationships with children, and how to handle and /or prevent picky eating behaviors for children 1 to 5 years of age. (1.5 hours)

9. Safety Car Seat Training (SCT)

A highlight of regulations, education, and tools to assist child caregivers in securing car seats properly and reducing the likelihood of injuries in children. Resources will be given to help parents get updated on the latest guidelines. (1.5 hours)

10. Oral Health & Resources for Children 0-6 years of age (OHC)

An introduction to causes and effects of dental cavities for children, ways to prevent dental diseases, and dental care resources that are available for lower-income families with children. (1.5 hours)

11. Packing A Healthy Lunch (PHL)

This session is designed for immigrant parents of school-age children.
By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to: 1- recognize Canada’s Food Guide and be able to identify foods in each food group; 2-appreciate why foods from all four food groups are required for health; 3-understand how to pack a lunch using correct tools (e.g. Ice pack, getting children involved); 4-find tips to stay prepared for lunches; 5-plan a sample lunch bag; and 6-recognize if they are packing too much for their children. (2 hours)

12. Keeping Safe in the Winter (KSW)

This topic talks about winter in Calgary, the risks, how to keep safe, what winter activities to stay active, and some resources. This session is best for learners who are newcomers to Calgary, Alberta. (1.5 hours)