Senior’s Health Benefit Resources in Alberta


  1. OAS (Old Age Security)
  2. GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement)
  3. CPP (Canada Pension Plan)

  1. Blue Cross Seniors (1-800-661-6995)
  2. Senior’s Financial Assistance (Alberta Senior’s Benefit, Dental & Optical assistance, Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, and Special needs assistance program all at once) 1-877-644-9992

Seniors Benefits Provided by the Alberta Government

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Alberta Blue Cross Seniors Coverage
  • Free: Citizens, permanent residents, refugees and sponsored.
  • 65-year-old Seniors, benefits start on the 1st day of the month turning 65.
  • Benefit starts on July 1 ~June 30, every year.
  • 1st day of 3rd month after arrival to Alberta, a senior can use. 
  • Proof of age may be needed. (A passport, a driver’s license or birth certificate from back home)
  • Can only claim service done within 12 months.
  • Covered fees:
    –    Prescription: 70% up to $25 per prescription, On AB benefit drug list, 100 day supply max. or require authorization
    –    Diabetic supplies, insulin treated, max $600 per year
    –    Ambulance (No deductible, all free)
    –    Clinical Psychological services $60 per visit, max $300 per year
    –    Chiropractic Services $25 per visit, max $200 per year
    –    Home Nursing Care maximum $200 per year
  • Not covered:
    –    Travel insurance
    –    Semi-private or private hospital rooms,
    –    Drugs supplied and charged by doctors
    –    Drugs not listed in AB drug benefit list.
  • Call 403-234-9666 (Calgary and area), 1-800-661-6995 (toll free)

    Blue Cross for Seniors information on Alberta Government’s website or visit Blue Cross website for more information.

Alberta Seniors Benefit
Dental and Optical Assistance for Seniors

Dental coverage up to $5000 every 5 years, optical up to $230 every 3 years per senior maximum for low-income seniors.  Eligible services only.  Available to 65 and older seniors living in Alberta for at least 3 months with low-income. The benefits do not carry-over. This is part of the Seniors Financial Assistance package.

Make sure to ask your dental provider to submit a pre-authorization (cost estimate) BEFORE using the benefit.

Basic dental services covered under this program include:
– diagnostic services (examinations and x-rays)
– preventive services (polishing and scaling)
– restorative services (fillings, trauma, pain control)
– extractions (simple and complicated)
– root canals (endodontics)
– procedures relating to gum disease (periodontics, root planing)
– dentures (removable prosthodontics, basic full and partial dentures)

Dental services and procedures not listed in the fee schedule and not covered:
– dental crowns
– fixed dental bridges
– braces and orthodontics
– dental implants
– fluoride treatment
– teeth bleaching and cosmetic procedures
– inlays (gold or gems)

Visit Alberta Government’s website for more information.

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

Part of the Seniors’ Financial Assistance package.

Low-interest home equity loan
·   Eligible senior homeowners can defer property taxes
·   Citizen/immigrant seniors(65+) living in AB (3 months+)
·   Interest rate change 2 times a year (April and Oct)

Submit application online. Try using the loan estimator. Visit Alberta Government’s website for more information.

Special Needs Assistance for Seniors Program

Provides financial assistance to eligible seniors with low-income towards the cost of some appliances, and specific health and personal supports.

·   Must apply for Seniors Financial Assistance Application, get approval, and then apply for specific items/supplies
·   Benefit year July 1st to June 30th, every year.
·   Can apply online thru MyAlberta Digital Identity (MADI)
·   A lump sum, up to $5,412 / year
·   Low income, 65 and above Canadian / Albertan living in Alberta for at least 3 months prior to applying
·   Wait for approval for eligible expenses, not after purchasing
·   Appliances/furniture – Bed, dryer, refrigerator etc
·   Health Supports – Diabetic supplies, nutritional beverages etc
·   Personal Supports – Bed bug, home clean up etc
·   Some are once in a lifetime/every year

Visit the Alberta Government’s website to find more details on items, limits and documents needed to be submitted.

Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program (SHARP)

Low- interest home equity loans can cover a range of home adaptations and renovations to help seniors stay in their homes longer.

·   Eligible home adaptations and renovations include:
        – bathroom/walk in tubs, furnace and hot water tank upgrades
        – stair lifts, widening of doorways
        – roof and window replacement
·   Up to $40,000 for senior couples with income of $75,000 or less with minimum 25% home equity  – no monthly fee, pay back when ownership change

Submit application online. Find out more details from Alberta Government’s website.

Seniors Benefit Estimator

The benefit estimator tool is free, easy to use and does not need personal identifying information. You can use your most recent income tax return information or approximate amounts if you are not yet 65 years old.

Note: you must be at least 65 years old to qualify for the Seniors Financial Assistance programs.

Financial Assistance for Seniors Website

All of the Seniors’ Benefit list and information can be found on Alberta Government’s website. Please visit to find more detailed information.


Any questions regarding Alberta Seniors Benefit contact:

Alberta Supports contact Centre (Mondays to Fridays, except for holidays 8:15am – 4:30pm)


Free interpretation available.

Other Benefits from the Alberta Government

The following benefits can be provided to any Alberta residents, not only seniors, meeting the criteria.

Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)

AADL helps Albertans with a long-term disability, chronic or terminal illness to pay for basic medical equipment and supplies.

•    Specific medical equipment and supplies
•    Two hearing aids are provided for seniors every 5 years
•    You pay 25% to a max of $500 per family per year
•    Low income are exempt from cost sharing
•    You can work with AADL authorizer or AADL vendors to apply. Or talk to your health care provider.

Call 780-427-0731 or visit AADL website.

Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP)

Low-income Albertans with mobility challenges can apply for grants to modify their home.

•    Grants to modify their access in homes
•    Low income Albertans using wheelchairs/4 wheeled walkers
•    Citizens/immigrants, after residing in Alberta for at least 3 months
•    Up to $7,500 per person each benefit year (April 1 – Mar 30)
•    Up to $15,000 per person within 10 years
•    Permanent modification, easier access
•    780-427-5760 M-F 8:15am – 4:30pm

All applications and supporting documents need to be mailed to RAMP services.

For more information, refer to RAMP Guidelines and Criteria or visit their website

City of Calgary

The following program is run by City of Calgary for any low-income Calgarians.

Fair Entry Program

Programs and services for low-income Calgarians.

Subsidies for following programs are included:
– Calgary Transit low-income Seniors Yearly pass
– Recreation Fee Assistance
– No Cost Spay/Neuter Program
– Seniors Services Home Maintenance
– Property Tax Assistance Program

You can call 311, or go to their website to find out more details of this program. You can apply online or call 311 to apply.


Health Equipment Loan (FREE)

Canadian Red Cross offer health equipment loan free services (wheelchairs, walker, crutches and canes, bath seats and benches etc).
Doctor’s referral needed, up to 6 months. Talk to your health care provider.

•    7-3140 14 Ave NE, Calgary 403-273-4426

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