CLB 2-3 health sessions

1. Your Healthcare Choices (YHC)

This is an overview of the choices of key health care services that are available in Calgary.  Choices of key health care services are: Health Link Alberta, Family Doctors, Walk-In Clinics, After Hours Clinics, Urgent Care Centres, Emergency Departments and Access Mental Health.  A highlight on how to use 811 and how to request health care interpretation services will also be discussed. (1.5 hours)

2. Beat the Germs (BTG)

This is an overview of how to wash hands properly, how to prevent germ spreading and how to use antibiotics.  Personal hygiene can be added to the contents if needed. The facilitator may use the Glow Germ Kits to raise awareness of hand hygiene. (1.5 hours) 

3. Choosing Healthy Foods (CHF)

Choosing healthy foods in Canada could be very different from choosing healthy foods in many parts of the world.  This session highlights important food and nutrition choices to help diverse communities to make healthy food choices for their families.  The session talks about Food Groups, Choosing Healthy Foods and Drinks, The Healthy Plate, and Meal Examples. (2 hours)

4. Get Active and Stay Healthy (GASH)

Get active can have many health benefits.  This session will explore creative ways to get active in our daily life, be it at home, at work or at school.  It will also introduce some community resources to support active living for people with limited resources. (1.5 hours)

5. Oral Health and resources for Adults (OHA)

Oral health is an important part of your general health and well-being. This session is an introduction to causes and effects of dental cavities for adults, how to prevent dental diseases to be discussed in a very simple way, using lots of pictures and videos. (1.5 hours)

6. Oral Health and resources for Children 0-6 years of age (OHC)

An introduction to causes and effects of dental cavities for children, ways to prevent dental diseases, and dental care resources that are available for lower-income families with children. (1.5 hours)