Health Sessions for Adults – Healthy Lifestyle

19. Reducing Cancer Risks (RCR)

Almost half of the cancer in Alberta is preventable.  This health session provides statistics, cancer prevention guidelines, and some lifestyle changes to help reduce cancer risks. (1.5 hours)

20. Choosing Healthy Foods in Canada (CHF)

Choosing healthy foods in Canada could be very different from choosing healthy foods in many parts of the world.  This health session highlights important food and nutrition choices to help diverse communities to make healthy food choices for their families.  The health session talks about Choosing Healthy Foods and Drinks, Label Reading, The Healthy Plate, and Meal examples. (2 hours)

21a. Nutrition for Seniors Part I (NFS Part I)

This health session addresses the unique nutritional needs of seniors (65 years +) from multicultural backgrounds who are NOT on a special diet.
Part I – Healthy eating (balanced meals, healthy drinks, and a healthy plate) (1.5 hours)

21b. Nutrition for Seniors Part II (NFS Part II)

Part II – Nutrition intake in Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D, and Salt. (1.5 hours)
A community group can book either Part I or Part II or both.

22. Get Active, Stay Healthy (GASH)

Getting active can have many health benefits.  This health session will explore creative ways to get active in our daily life, be it at home, at work, or at school.  It offers physical activity guidelines for different age groups.  It provides some community resources to support active living for people with limited resources. (1.5 hours)

23. Tips for Sleep Better (TSB)

This health session talks about what is a good night’s sleep, and tips to help sleep better.   Some tips are related to what you can do in the daytime, what you eat & drink, where you sleep, what you do before bedtime, and when you should consider seeking advice from your doctor. (1.5 hours)