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1. COVID-19 简体中文

亚省医疗服务局 (Alberta Health Services)
亚省省府 (Government of Alberta)
加拿大政府 (Government of Canada)

2. 健康话题

3. 医疗系统、医疗服务和健康福利

医疗选择 (Healthcare Options)

简体中文/普通话 (Get Health System Information in Your Language)

了解您的选择 (Know Your Options)

齐心协力提高安全 (Safer Together)

欢迎来到 Foothills 医疗中心:患者指南 (Welcome to Foothills Medical Centre: Patient Orientation)

欢迎来到 Rockyview 医院:患者 住院 指南 (Welcome to Rockyview Hospital: Patient Orientation)

精神健康 (Mental Health)

4. 长者健康

长者健康 (Senior’s Health)

沟通非常重要 (Conversations Matter)

家庭护理 (Home Care)

糖尿病与您的双眼 (Diabetes and your eyes)

糖尿病与您的双足 (Diabetes and Your Feet)

5. 其他话题

怀孕 (Pregnancy)

怀孕时需要报告的警告体征 (Warning Signs to Report when You’re Pregnant)

营养 (Nutrition)

食品指南简介 (Canada’s Food Guide)
钠与您的饮食 (Sodium and Your Diet)
了解自在饮食(Understanding Eating for Comfort)

6. 外部资源

加拿大卫生部 (Health Canada)

加拿大牙科福利简介 (Canada Dental Benefit: Factsheet)
食品指南简介 (Canada’s Food Guide)
化学物质与儿童健康 (Chemicals and Children’s Health)
化学物质与我们的环境 (Chemicals and our environment)
化学物质与健康 (Chemicals and your health)
享受户外,远离蜱虫 (Enjoy the outdoors, without a tick)
蜱虫 十大藏身部位 (Top 10 tick hiding spots on your body)
保护您的宠物,远离 蜱虫和莱姆病 (Protect your pets from ticks and Lyme disease)
如何检查 蜱虫 (How to check for ticks)
化学品管理计划 之监测和研究 (Monitoring and Research Under the Chemicals Management Plan)

亞省省府 (Government of Alberta)

Translated news in Simplified Chinese

长者受虐事实 (Facts on elder abuse)
家庭暴力 : 您需要知道什么 (Family Violence: What You Ned to Know)
了解你的权利 : 艾伯塔《防止家庭暴力法》(PAFVA): 相关信息 (Know your rights: Alberta’s Protection Against Family Violence Act (PAFVA))
儿童虐待/面临家庭暴力威胁的儿童 : 相关信息 (Child abuse/children exposed to family violence)
受到女性虐待的男性 : 相关信息 (Men abused by women: information sheet)
成年人可以做些 什么来预防和制止欺侮行为 (What adults can do to prevent and stop bullying: information sheet)
尊重文化多样性 (Respecting cultural diversity: information sheet)
消除阿尔伯塔省的性暴力 (Ending Sexual Violence in Alberta)
雷暴、闪电和冰雹 (Thunderstorms, lightning, and hail)
恶劣天气 (Severe Weather)
龙卷风和狂风 (Tornadoes and extreme winds)
应急包物品清单 (Emergency Kit checklist)
宠物应急包 物品清单 (Emergency Kit Checklist for your pets)
农场动物和牲畜的应急准备 (Emergency preparedness for farm animals and livestock)
车辆应急包物品清单 (Emergency kit checklist for your vehicles)
防洪 (Flood preparedness)
洪灾之后怎样做 (What to do after a flood)
紧急情况之前应怎样做 (What to do before an emergency)
紧急情况时应怎样做 (What to do during an emergency)
紧急情况过后应怎样做 (What to do after an emergency)
阿片类药物—访问了解更多 信息 (Opioid Resources)

BC省HealthLink (Health Link BC)

寶寶的最佳機會 孕期和嬰兒護理家長手冊 (Baby’s Best Chance: Parents’ Handbook of Pregnancy and Baby Care)
孩子的第一步 養育6至36個月大嬰幼兒的 最佳機會指南 (Toddler’s First Steps: A Best Chance Guide to Parenting Your 6-to-36-Month-Old Child)

卑詩省嬰兒和兒童免疫接種時間表 (BC Immunization Schedule – Infants and Children)
卑詩省學齡兒童免疫接種時間表 (BC Immunization Schedule – School Age Children)
卑詩省免疫接種時間表成年人、長者與高危人群的免疫接種計畫 (BC Immunization Schedule – Adults, Seniors and Individuals at Hight Risk)
嬰兒及幼童的濕疹與食物過敏 (Eczema and Food Allergy in Babies and Young Children)
咀嚼有困難人士的健康飲食指引 (Healthy Eating Guidelines for People with Chewing Difficulties)
腸易激綜合症患者的健康飲食指引 (Healthy Eating Guidelines for People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
消化性潰瘍患者的健康飲食指南 (Healthy Eating Guidelines for People with Peptic Ulcers)
膽囊病飲食指引 (Healthy Eating Guidelines for People with Gallbladder Disease)
健康飲食指引 —— 較低鹽的飲食(Lower Sodium (Salt) Food Choices)
未雨綢繆——預備水和食物,為緊急事故作好準備 (Preparing for an Emergency: A focus on Water and Food)

List of Health topics, health conditions, tests in Chinese

帮助在这里( BC伙伴心理健康与物质使用资讯) Here to Help (BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information)

躁狂抑郁症 (Bipolar Disorder)
幼儿的健康思维 (Healthy Thinking for Younger Children)
帮助孩子面对恐惧 (Helping Your Child Face Fears)
帮助孩子独自一人睡觉或在外过夜 (Helping Your Child Sleep Alone or Away from Home)
帮助孩子克服完美主义 (Helping Your Child Overcome Perfectionism)
关于 Kelty凯尔蒂精神健康 资源中心 (Kelty Resource Centre)
强迫性精神症 (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
惊恐症 (Panic Disorder)
青少年的现实性思维 (Realistic Thinking for Teens)
青少年家长的指南 : 关于酒和其他毒品的问题 (The Road Ahead : A Guidebook for Parents of Young Teens about Alcohol and Other Drugs)
精神分裂症 (Schizophrenia)
季节性情绪病 (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
压力 (Stress)
与你的孩子或青少年讨论焦虑问题 (Talking to Your Child or Teen About Anxiety)

7. 其他 (Others)

Arthritis Society Canada

骨关节炎(又称退化性关节炎):  成因 · 症状 · 治疗 (Osteoarthritis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments)
类风湿性关节炎 :  成因 · 症状 · 治疗 (Rheumatoid Arthritis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments)

Settlement.Org Ontario

一个人在加拿大:21个生活得更好的方法 (Alone in Canada : 21 Ways to Make it Better – A Self-Help Guide for Single Newcomers)
制訂一項 安全計劃 (Creating a Safety Plan)
在新的国家 生儿育女 (Giving Birth in a New Land)
健康饮食孕育健康宝宝 (Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby)
向性伴侣披露 艾滋病病毒感染状况: 给新移民的问题与解答 (HIV Disclosure to Sexual Partners: Questions and answers for newcomers)
有了宝宝的生活并非总像你期望的那样 (Postpartum blues, mood disorders and psychosis)
举报性侵犯 您的医生越线了吗? (Reporting Sexual Abuse – Do You Think Your Doctor Crossed the Line?)
心理健康和戒毒支持 你并不孤单! (What can I do to feel less stressed during challenging times?)
您需要知道关于新冠病毒COVID-19疫苗的事项 (What I need to know about the COVID-19 vaccines)
你和你的孩子 (You and Your Baby.. Abuse and Pregnancy)

跌樣幫助⾃已從地上來 (How to Get Up From the Floor: Finding Balance & Injury Prevention Alberta)

Welcome BC
Sick Kids Child Health Topics

简体 (Simplified Chinese)

8. 中文电台广播 (Chinese Radio broadcast)

营养师 (Dietitian) English version

糖尿病之健康饮食 (Healthy Eating For Diabetes)

心脏健康饮食(Heart Healthy Eating)

植物性饮食方式 (Plant-Based Style Of Eating)

前期糖尿病 (Prediabetes)

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