Health Information in Multiple Languages

Here is the list of Health Information in Multiple Languages. Please click on the language you would like to read the information in.

Access Mental Health : Posters and Buck-slips in multiple languages

Alzheimer’s Disease: [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Anxiety : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Becoming a Donor : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Breast Self-Examination : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Car Seats : [Arabic] [French] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Spanish][Tagalog] [Tigrinya] [Urdu] [Vietnamese]

Cleaning and Sanitizing the Kitchen, Toys and Other surfaces : [Arabic]

Conversations Matter : [Arabic] [French] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Spanish] [Traditional Chinese] [Vietnamese]

Ear Infection: Care Instructions : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Feeding Guide : Starting Solid Food

Fentanyl FAQ : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

First Trimester Screening : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Gambling: How Can You Tell If It’s a Problem

Gambling Information

Gambling: Myths and Facts

Gestational Diabetes : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Get Health System Information in Your Language : [Arabic] [French] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Spanish] [Tigrinya] [Traditional Chinese] [Vietnamese]

High Blood Pressure: Nutrition Tips : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Home Care : [Arabic] [French] [German] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Spanish] [Traditional Chinese] [Vietnamese]

How to Tell If It’s a Drinking Problem : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

How to Choose and Use a 4 Wheeled Walker

How to Use a Cane

How to Use Crutches

How to Use a Walker

Information About Your Fractured Hip

Learning About Ear Infections in Children : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Medication List and Tools

Menopause and Perimenopause : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Safe Preparation of Infant Formula from Liquid Concentrate

Safe Preparation of Infant Formula from Powder

Safe Surgery Checklist

Starting Solid Foods : Around 6 months

Teen Risk-Taking: Tips for Parents : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

Urinary Incontinence in Women : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

What is for lunch?

When You Are Having Surgery For Your Fractured Hip

West Nile Virus : [Arabic] [Punjabi] [Simplified Chinese] [Traditional Chinese]

External Sources:

How to Get Up From the Floor (Finding Balance & Injury Prevention Alberta)