Health Sessions on Health Systems, Health Services & Health Benefits

1. Health Insurance System (HIS)

This is an introduction to Alberta Health Care Insurance, Alberta Blue Cross Insurance, Alberta Child Health Benefits, Alberta Adult Health Benefits, and Low-Income Eye and Dental Assistance Programs. (1.5 hours)

2. Your Health Care Choices (YHC)

This is an overview of key health care choices that are available in Calgary.  These choices are 811, Family Doctors, Walk-In Clinics, After Hours Clinics, Urgent Care Centres, Emergency Departments, and Access Mental Health.  A highlight on how to use 811 and how to request health care interpretation services from Alberta Health Services will also be discussed. (1.5 hours)

3. Seniors’ Health Benefits (SHB)

This is a highlight of seniors’ health benefits in programs such as Alberta Health Care, Alberta Blue Cross, dental and optical, Alberta Aids to Daily Living, and Special Needs Assistance Program.  Health Advice and Interpreting Services.  A highlight on how to use 811 and how to request health care interpretation services from Alberta Health Services will also be discussed. (2 hours)

4. Travel Health Risks – Visiting Friends and Relatives (THR)

This is a highlight of some health risks for those who may travel to their country of origin to visit friends/relatives.  It also covers AHS Travel Health services such as consultation, vaccinations, and education. (1.5 hours)

5. COVID-19 Immunization (C19)

This health session talks about: What is COVID-19? What are the COVID-19 vaccines? Who should get vaccinated/ not get vaccinated? How and where to get vaccinated? What are the side effects? Where to get more information? (1.5 hours)

6. COVID-19 and Travel (CAT)

This session talks about travel health risks related to COVID-19, travel insurance, Canada’s acceptable COVID-19 vaccines and records, dos & don’ts of fully vaccinated travelers, acceptable COVID-19 tests, and where and how to get tested & proofs, and resources to get up-to-date information. (1.5 hours)

7. The Culture of the Canadian Health System (CCHS)

This session is loaded with stories to illustrate the unique culture of our health system where everyone can have health care, adults make their health care decisions, emergency departments are for life-threatening health problems, the role of family doctors and patients in the health system…etc.  Newcomers/participants will learn the key healthcare choices in Calgary, when and how to use them appropriately, and the role of health professionals and patients in the Canadian health system. (1.5 hours)