Community Presentations for CLB 2-3 learners

Diversity Liaison Team of Alberta Health Services (AHS) – Calgary Zone is committed to enhancing the access of health services and health information for diverse communities.  We are pleased to offer presentations in English and / or some first languages at a time and a location that is convenient to your groups.  Currently we can offer our presentations in Cantonese, French, Korean and Mandarin. Following list is for participants with English level of CLB 2-3, we will be using very simple English to offer this presentation to your group.

What level is CLB 2-3? (Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 2-3 refers to listeners who can understand, common and simple instructions and directions, and expressions used in everyday situations and short and simple explanation about personal experiences. Please refer to Canadian Language Benchmarks detail from Citizenship and Immigration Canada if you would like to find more information.

You are welcome to book any presentation as listed below for a group of 10 or more participants.  We ask you to give us at least one month notice.  For more information please contact us.

For the copy of the complete list, please click here.

Presentations on Health Systems & Health Services

Topic and estimated_lengh Presentation Contents
1. YHC

Your Health Care Choices (1.5 h)

This is an overview of the choices of key health care services that are available in Calgary.  Choices of key health care services are: Health Link Alberta, Family Doctors, Walk-In Clinics, After Hours Clinics, Urgent Care Centres, Emergency Departments and Access Mental Health.  A highlight on how to use 811 and how to request health care interpretation services will also be discussed. 
NOTE:  Should you be interested in incorporating this health topic into your newcomer program or ESL curriculum, please let us know. We have multilingual DVDs, plain language PowerPoint presentations, handouts for students, handouts for facilitators, and multilingual resource lists.


2. HCS
Health Information and Health Care Interpreting Services (0.5h)  

This short presentation shows how to get health information and advice in your own language and how to book for an over-the-phone health care interpreter with no cost at Alberta Health Services Health Care Sites.

Presentations for Adults

Topic and estimated_length Presentation Contents

3. SM  

Stress Management (2h)
An interactive workshop with tools to help participants identify and better manage their stress.   


4. BTG
Beat the Germs  (1.5 h)

This is an overview of how to wash hands properly, how to prevent germ spreading and how to use antibiotics.  The presenter will use Glow Germ Kits to raise awareness of hand hygiene.  


5. OHA  

Oral Health and Resources for Adults (1.5 h)

Oral health is an important part of your general health and well-being. Heart Disease-germs that cause gum disease may block arteries and lead to stroke.  Respiratory Disease-Certain people are at higher risk for getting a lung infection from breathing in bacteria from the mouth.Diabetes-Gum disease can make diabetes worse and diabetes may make gum disease harder to heal. This presentation is an introduction to causes and effects of dental cavities for adults, how to prevent dental diseases, and what dental care resources are available for lower income adults and families.  

6. CHF

Choosing Healthy Foods In Canada
(2 h)

Choosing healthy foods in Canada could be very different from choosing healthy foods in many parts of the world.  This presentation highlights important food and nutrition choices to help diverse communities to make healthy food choices for their families.  The presentation talks about Food Groups, Choosing Healthy Foods and Drinks, The Healthy Plate, Meal Examples, and The Food Bank.  


7.  EP

 Emergency Preparedness  (1.5 h)   

Nowadays we see so many disasters in and near our communities.  We need to learn how to prepare for disasters that we may have not foreseen.  This presentation will highlight some of the risks and importance of why we need to prepare for disasters, how to plan as a family and what to prepare.

8. PYF

Protect     Yourself and Your Family  (1.5 h)

Many germs can make people sick.  The presentation will talk about protecting oneself and his/her family by getting a flu shot, doing proper hand washing, covering coughs, taking rest at home, seeing a doctor, following instructions when getting a lab test or taking medicines.   

9. GASH  

Get active, stay  healthy (2 h)

Get active can have many health benefits.  This presentation will explore creative ways to get active in our daily life, be it at home, at work or at school.  It will also introduce some community resources to support active living for people with limited resources.


10. KSW

Keeping safe in the winter (1.5 h)

Winter can be scary for newcomers. This presentation will talk about what people need to know to stay safe in the winter, how to get ready, know the risks, the clothes, transportation…and also the fun during the winter season.

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