Virtual Health Education Sessions

The following list is for virtual health education sessions that can be offered to a group of 10 or more participants with an English level of CLB 4 and up when there is no first language presenter (Cantonese, French, Korean, or Mandarin) or when the group cannot provide an interpreter for the session.

What level is CLB 4? (Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 refers to listeners who can understand, with considerable effort, simple formal and informal communication on topics when the communication is spoken clearly at a slow to the normal rate. Please refer to the Canadian Language Benchmarks detail from Citizenship and Immigration Canada if you would like to find more information.

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Health System and Health Benefits

Topic and estimated lengthHealth Education Session Contents
1. HIS

Health Insurance System
(1 h)

This is an introduction to Alberta Health Care Insurance, Alberta Blue Cross Insurance, Alberta Child Health Benefit, Alberta Adult Health Benefit, and Low Income Eye and Dental Assistance Program.  

2. YHC

Your Health Care Choices (1h)

This is an overview of the choices of key health care services that are available in Calgary.  Choices of key health care services are Health Link Alberta, Family Doctors, Walk-In Clinics, After Hours Clinics, Urgent Care Centres, Emergency Departments, Access Mental Health.  A highlight on how to use Health Link Alberta and how to request health care interpretation services of Alberta Health Services will also be discussed.

3. SHB

Seniors’ Health Benefits

This is a highlight of seniors’ health benefits in programs such as Alberta Health Care, Alberta Blue Cross, dental and optical, Alberta Aids to Daily Living, Special Needs Assistance Program, Health Advice, and Interpreting Services. 
4. THR

Travel Health Risks – Visiting Friends and Relatives

This is a highlight of some health risks for those who may travel to their country of origin to visit friends/relatives. It also covers AHS Travel Health services such as consultation, vaccinations, and education.
5. C19

COVID-19 Immunization

This health session talks about: What is COVID-19? What are the COVID-19 vaccines? Who should get vaccinated/ not get vaccinated? How and where to get vaccinated? What are the side effects? Where can I get more information?

6. CAT

COVID-19 & Travel

This session talks about: travel health risks related to COVID-19, travel insurance, Canada acceptable COVID-19 vaccines and records, dos & don’t of fully vaccinated travelers, acceptable COVID-19 tests, where and how to get tested & proofs, and resources to get up-to-date information.

Health Topics for Families with Children

Topic and estimated lengthHealth Education Session Contents
7. HEC

Healthy Eating for Children

An overview of mealtime struggles and positive feeding relationships with children, and how to handle and/or prevent picky eating behaviors for children 1 to 5 years of age.

8. SCT

Safety Car Seat Training
(1 h)

A highlight of regulations, education, and tools to assist child caregivers in securing car seats properly and reducing the likelihood of injuries.

9. OHC

Oral Health and Resources for Children 0-6 years of age

An introduction to causes and effects of dental cavities for children, ways to prevent dental diseases, and dental care resources that are available for lower-income families with children.

Health Topics for Adults and Older Adults

Topic and estimated lengthHealth Education Session Contents
10. EW

Emotional Wellness  
(1 h)

An overview of what is good health, what affects health, how to identify and cope with stress/problems, what can be done to stay emotionally healthy, and where to get help if needed

11. SM

Stress Management
(1 h)

An interactive workshop with tools to help participants identify and better manage their stress.   
12. WH

Women’s Health


This is an overview of women’s health in breast, cervical, sex, pregnancy.  Resources and suggestions for keeping you healthy in these areas will be covered.

13. BTG

Beat the Germs  (1 h)

This is an overview of how to wash hands properly, how to prevent germ spreading, and how to use antibiotics.  The facilitator may use Glow Germ Kits to raise awareness of hand hygiene.  

14. OHA

Oral Health and    Resources for Adults

Oral health is an important part of your general health and well-being. This health session is an introduction to the causes and effects of dental cavities for adults, how to prevent dental diseases, and what dental care resources are available for lower-income adults and families.  

15. RCR

Reducing Cancer Risks

Almost half of the cancers in Alberta are preventable. This health session provides statistics, cancer prevention guidelines, and some lifestyle changes to help reducing cancer risks.
16. CHF

Choosing Healthy Foods In Canada
(1 h)  

Choosing healthy foods in Canada could be very different from choosing healthy foods in many parts of the world.  This health education session highlights important food and nutrition choices to help diverse communities to make healthy food choices for their families.  Contents include Canada’s Food Guide, Choosing Healthy Foods and Drinks, The Healthy Plate, Meal Examples, Tips to Spend Less, and The Food Bank.  

17. NFS

Nutrition for Seniors:
NFS Part 1 – 1h
NFS Part 2 – 1h
Part 1 & 2 – 2 sessions of 1h each

This health session addresses the unique nutritional needs of seniors (65 years +) from multicultural backgrounds who are NOT on a special diet.
Part I  – Healthy eating (balanced meals, healthy drinks, and a healthy plate)
Part II – Nutrition intake in Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D, and Salt. 
A community group can book either Part I or Part II or both. 
18. UC

Understanding   Cannabis
(1 h)

Now that Cannabis is legalized in Canada, what do we need to know for ourselves? For our children?  This health education session will help you understand more about Cannabis, its health effects, laws, and impacts on us.   

19. GASH

Get Active,  Stay Healthy  
(1 h)

Get active can have many health benefits.  This health education session will explore creative ways to get active in our daily life, be it at home, at work, or at school.  It offers physical activity guidelines for different age groups.  It provides some community resources to support active living for people with limited resources.

20. TSB

Tips to Sleep Better

This health session talks about what is a good night’s sleep, and tips to help sleep better. Some tips are related to what we can do in the daytime, what you eat & drink, where you sleep, what you do before bedtime, and when you should consider seeking advice from your doctor.

If you would like to download the whole list, please click here.

To request a health education session, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page from the menu and follow the directions as specified.